7 Secrets of Happiness

Praised by Kirkus Reviews as an “unusual, easy-to-follow examination of some perplexing aspects of human behavior,” 7 Secrets is a non-fiction, self-help accounting of the many ways your mysterious, invisible ultraconscious interferes with your happiness – and what you can do about it. Beginning with an introduction to the ultraconscious – and the many insidious and startling powers science has begun to uncover – the book details his disregard for your happiness, his penchant for lying to you and those around you, the values to him of your superstition, the advantages of your stupidity, and the ways other people use your ultraconscious’ weaknesses to exploit you. 7 Secrets concludes with hope, however, in the form of seven things you can do to grow your happiness and increase your effectiveness, despite that other person in your brain.