I write of that which is invisible, unnoticed and screamingly important. My words are the hands that grab the shoulders of the sleeping human race, the mouth that shouts “wake up!”

Evolving for more than three billion years, life on earth was destined to reach this place, of stunning brilliance, breathtaking power and staggering ignorance.

We did not evolve to know that which is most important. We, with our jets, our computers, our bombs and our gods, have evolved only to do, not to know, and we are about to destroy ourselves without ever realizing what we have become, or what we might have been.

I write to entertain, amuse and surprise, but I also write to propose a new understanding of what we are.

To read me is, ultimately, insurrection, not against a government or a culture or a way of life, but against something far older and more powerful.

My philosophy

The universe is a very old, very large factory for turning hydrogen into compassion. And everybody works there.